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Event/Press Department


Within Event/Press departments, Apex Engineering services can provide support across many areas:  

Trim – Exterior trim inspection, replacement of any damaged parts, full strip and rebuild to show quality standards
Bodywork – Full body and paint appraisal, paint and panel rectification/alignment, quality inspection and full Category A sign off
Electrical – Diagnostics and rectification, software downloads, infotainment investigation
Mechanical –Mechanical diagnostics and rectification, road testing, NVH assessment

Case Study:


Client Objectives:


Apex became a trusted partner of an Automotive OEM to assist with their continuous expansion since 2011. Across the many projects required, the client had a task of increasing their numbers within various sectors of the business. This included a variety of skilled automotive technicians to support demand for their growing range of bespoke and VIP products.



Given the time constraints on some of the roles and the scarcity of craftsmen and women with the necessary skills and professional qualifications, the client planned to run weekly Assessment Centres, this gave the candidates chance to show their skillset as well as meeting some of the managers and current workers.

In order to deliver these projects, we regularly met with the managers on-site to ensure a complete understanding of the environment that candidates would be working in and what key attributes they would be looking for in any new staff.

We were able to identify a significant number of talented individuals who also demonstrated the appropriate business behaviours required within these positions. Many of the candidates knew a significant amount of information about this global company and were happy to be put forward for interview stage.

Following this, once we had received interview requests from the client, we prepared our candidates for the relevant skills test required for their role ensuring they had as much necessary information to potentially prove successful, displaying their skills to the client in the most effective manner possible.

Upon receiving an offer for each candidate, we ensured as much time as necessary was given to the onboarding process and that the client’s external system was populated with the correct information. This included certifying the necessary paperwork was in order and we had the relevant right to work documents for each candidate. 

Following the start of each candidate, regular on-site meetings were arranged so that Apex could support both the client and employees with any queries they may have.

The Results:  

  • Excellent feedback from all managers involved in the project
  • A high percentage of the successful candidates who are now performing on-site were individuals recruited from the Apex talent pool
  • Inbound candidates making contact with Apex due to word of mouth of how great a place our client sites are to work at
  • Over the past 3 years Apex has provided 200 Contractors to this Event / Press Department

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