Prototype Vehicle Department


Within Prototype Vehicle departments, Apex Engineering services can provide support across many areas:
Concept design – CAD/CAM engineering, wood and CNC machining, clay and hard modelling
BIW – Sheet metal, MIG & TIG welding, bonding, riveting, assembly
Build – Strip and fit, assembly, interior and exterior trim, re-works
Mechanical build – Engine and gearbox, mechanical component assembly

Case Study:


Client Objectives:


This clients Prototype Vehicle Department had a need for contract staff for a short period of time to complete a prototype build. They required 20 build technicians to run and deliver the build on time and to budget.

Apex also provided an onsite supervisor to look after the technicians, control the use of tools, ensure health and safety rules were being adhered to and to progress the build as part of the project requirement. Dignity at work and confidentiality was at the forefront of the work being performed – with business behaviours expected to equal or exceed that of a permanent employee within the business.

This client had used another supplier for this type of build project previously and they wanted to see if Apex provided them with a similar experience or better.

Service Levels:


We agreed to resource the candidates with the required skill set and place them on-site in a phased approach starting with 10 candidates in the first week and then 5 the second and the final 5 in the third week.

Every candidate had been carefully screened and many had worked for Apex previously, so we knew the quality of their work and that the output would be delivered to a very high standard.
Using a suite of management information systems, we assisted the management team of how the build was progressing, including:

  • Monitored spend of purchase order per week
  • Forecasted spend rate of purchase order
  • Collation of hours for sign off, including highlighting overtime spend
  • Numbers of workers on site, including tracking of sickness and holidays ensuring business continuity protection


The Results: 

  • The attrition rate of workers was very low and 50% lower than the previous supplier
  • The quality of the build far exceeded previous projects
  • Project was delivered on time and to budget
  • Repeat business requests for different builds and other areas

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